Buffy's TPLO Success!!

Buffy is an adorable Schnauzer X who came to our clinic after his owner noticed that Buffy was struggling to put weight onto her leg when they were walking. Buffy was a very active lady until this injury so it came a bit of a shock to her owner. After some X-Rays were taken we could immediately tell that poor buffy would need a TPLO surgery to fix the damage that has been caused in the knee joint. The cause for the TPLO surgery was that Buffy had torn her cranial cruciate ligament, more commonly referred to as a dogs ACL. You can see from the video below that there was a large amount of movement in the knee joint and little to no ligament assisting buffy in the movement of that joint. This can be incredibly painful for dogs and can get worse with time.

The surgery was completed within a few hours and plates and screw were placed into the ligament area to hold the joints in place and ensure no discomfort in the future. X-Rays completed after the surgery showed that Buffy's surgery was a success! Buffy stayed with us at the clinic overnight on fluids to aid with recovery and also to receive antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications quickly. Her owner collected her the next day to find a very happy Buffy! After only a week Buffy was able to use her leg and walk with ease! Both the owner and Buffy couldn't have been happier!

See the below video for Buffy's recovery!

If you are concerned about any changes in your dog's behaviour or walking then feel free to come in and talk to us! We can talk you through many options and treatment plans and our friendly team are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

Happy Tails Animal Hospital Team xx

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